Nagesh Maharaj Attorneys , strive to provide clients with geniune and cost effective legal services .
The firm has a national foot print and has 3 offices in the Republic of South Africa .
These office are situated at Pietermaritzburg ( head office ) , Umhlanga ( Durban ) and Johannesburg ( Rivonia ) . The firm is currently in the process of negoitiating the oppening offices in Ladysmith (KZN)  and Cape Town . Attorneys within the firm have vast experience and expertise in the areas of law within which  they practice which has and continues to benefit our extensive client base . Nagesh Maharaj prior to the founding of the firm , served a director at one of the largest firms in Kwa Zulu- Natal , and also held postion of CEO at his previous firm .

We have a National footprint 

In keeping with the firms vision of becoming a firm with a national footprint the firm boasts 3 offices . The firms head office is situated in Pietermaritzburg , with its branch offices been situated in Durban and Johannesburg 


Suite 1 and 2 Moosa Allee Building , Pietermaritzburg
087 150 3120


Suite 18 , The Buisness Centre
Umlanga Ridge ,4321
087 150 1318 


Suite 95 , The Business Centre
337 Rovonia Blvd, JHB
087 150 1319

Why Choose our Firm 

Top Tier Experience 

We offer our clients a world-class environmental law practice. Our intellect, education and experience are on par with the best in the country in the and our attorneys are experienced in business and law. Our attorneys have been representing  clients at the highest level in civil actions, criminal cases, corporate transactions , insurance related matters , personal injury claims, administration of estates , medical negligence claims , tax law and array of other legal matters .


Client Centred Solutions

We strive to find the best solutions to our clients’  challenges and problems. Our attorneys have a full understanding of our clients’ businesses and the complex industries in which they operate. Collaborating with our clients, their consultants, and co-counsel is a top priority. We look at issues and problems from a business perspective and develop individualized plans that best meet our clients’ current goals and long-term objectives.


Flexible and Cost efficient 

Our deep experience allows us to handle difficult and complex legal matters nimbly and efficiently. We appreciate that legal costs can be of great concern to our business clients and offer flexible billing structures and rates based on each client’s individual needs.


Our Services 


You can take advantage of a complete solution to debt collection and recovery that offers you the best possible chance of recovering debts with the minimum of hassle and cost.Our skilled debt recovery specialists, tailor our services - including pre-legal collections, legal collections and enforcement services - to your individual requirements, meaning you can make use of our expertise for all your recovery needs, or just one part of the collection lifecycle.

Commercial Litigation

Our Litigation Services is highly unique in its focus on creating exceptional value and cost efficiency through centralized discovery management for complex litigation matters.We are a rapidly emerging industry leader, that provides a services that include: document processing, court reporting, legal video, trial services, complex case management, and ESI collection, processing and production

High Court & Magistrate
Court Litigation

The firm does all its own appearances in civil matters in the Magistrate’s Court as well as in some matters in the High Court. It is not cost effective to appoint counsel in Magistrate’s Court litigation. A very small portion of counsel’s fees can in any event be recovered from the other party in the Magistrate’s Court. It however remains the client’s choice.


Have you or a loved one been seriously injured in a road accident that wasn’t your fault? Our experienced attorneys will assist you to get compensation and claim from the Road Accident Fund.

 Medical Negligence

We  provide specialized medico-legal services to clients who have suffered injury at the hands of another. We combine personal care and empathy with experience and in-depth legal and medical knowledge to provide service that is geared to successful claims.We are parents, people and lawyers; we understand your passion and drive to secure your future and adopt a very personal approach to helping you recover both physically and financially.

 Criminal Matters

We have experience in defending clients in the following types of cases :-Theft, Housebreaking, Malicious Injury to Property, Arson, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Stolen Property, Poaching and Narcotics (drug) related charges.
Assault, Public Violence, Robbery, Offences of Public Indecency, Culpable Homicide, Attempted Murder and Murder.


We assist with Labour law (also employment law) regulates the relationship between employees, employers, trade unions and the government. Collective labour law relates to the relationship between employee, employer, unions and employer's organizations.

compliance  law 

Compliance is a set of laws that individuals in business or businesses themselves need to be aware of to ensure that they are operating legally. South Africa is regulated by a multitude of compliance laws ranging from, amongst others, the Labour Relations Act and Employment Equity Act, right through to the very transactions that business owners do on a day to day basis which is governed by the Consumer Protection Act, the National Credit Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act.


Our Estate Law involves all law surrounding landlords and tenants, leases of immovable property, rental collection, evictions and advices on general disputes arising between all stakeholders in the rental property arena. It involves the dynamic relationship between a rental agent, a landlord and a tenant and is an intrinsic and often underestimated aspect of general property law and sales. 

Our Team 

All the attorneys practising at the firm have extensive High Court and Magistrates Court experience. They regularly appear in the Magistrates Courts throughout the country. In addition, all of the attorneys have their rights of appearance in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court and regularly appear as Counsel in Divisions of the High Court. 

Karishma Beni Ray  


Her portfolio has also included elements of risk amagement , legal and compliance and implementation of commercial controls which must be adhered to and from a company perspective . She also advises on the requirements , maintanance and management of contracts , service level agreements , supplier agreements  and general commercial agreements.

Karishma has experience with the legal regulations and controls relating to procurement , policies , tender submissions , contract awards and general company agreements . She has also been involved in labour law matters at local government level during her period of articles . Her previous experience has allowed her to fullfil various support roles to the commerical , financial and tender management teams in respect of legal advice and risk analysis on business on business engagments with various customers .

Nagesh Maharaj   

                                             LLB ( NATAL)

Nagesh's areas of specialisation include insurance related litigation , ranging  from public liability claims , insurance recovery , claim leakage analysis , third party claims , general insurance litigation, commercial recoveries , forensic investigation and commerical fraud detection , personal injury claims , medical negligence claims , criminal law  and road accident fund claims 

Nagesh has acted for and against insurance companies in a multitude of insurance related litigation matters. He has represented a number of high profile clients and often appears as Counsel in Divisions of the KwaZulu-Natal High Court. Nagesh has also litigated extensively in the Magistrate’s Court.

Nagesh is able to dispense advise and action matters that pertain to all insurance claims and disputes.

Nishaan Karrian 

BCOM ( UKZN) LLB (Unisa)

 Nishaan specialises in Insurance Recoveries and litigates extensively in the High Court and Magistrate’s Court throughout the country. 

This specialisation includes insurance related litigation, ranging from public liability claims, insurance recovery, claim leakage analysis, third party claims, general insurance litigation, commercial recoveries, forensic investigation and commercial fraud detection and administration of estates 

Nishaan’s experience ranges from medical malpractice, road accident fund claims, labour issues, banking & finance matters, contract law and business law. He drafts various contracts, policies and provides legal opinions on various aspects in his field of experience.

His experience goes further before joining Nagesh Maharaj Attorneys where he was employed by Standard Bank as a Regional Manager for Business Online and prior an Assistant Relationship Manager for small, medium, enterprise businesses. His banking experience ranges from managing staff, drafting contracts, interpreting financial statements and dealing with high value customers.

His work ethic is meticulous and the experience gained has provided him with the confidence to oversee and deal with matters in both the High Court and Magistrates Court.





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